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Guitar Gatherings (GG)

CGSV's Guitar Gatherings provide the opportunity for players of all levels to perform to an audience of like minded and sympathetic guitar aficionados. This is great practice for exams and recitals, and helps to overcome performance anxiety. Watching and listening to others play will help your own technique and appreciation, and can assist in the formation of a playing repertoire.

Usually a genre or theme is suggested for each Gathering, e.g. "Baroque" or "Australian". However, this is merely a suggestion to encourage members to seek new music and broaden their repertoire, and you are welcome to play any piece that could be reasonably included in a "classical guitar" program. Members have played diverse compositions, in the past, including pop arrangements, flamenco, own compositions (very popular and highly regarded) and exam pieces.

Your host for Richmond Gatherings will generally be the esteemed and slick-fingered Sammy Breve, and for the Geelong gatherings the illustrious and elegant Bill Sinclair. Although relatively informal, the host will make sure that everybody gets a fair go, potentially via a playing roster. Generally one or two pieces can be played in succession. Extended performances over 10 minutes, can be accommodated by arrangement - please contact your Guitar Gathering host via Contact CGSV or FaceBook.

Guitar Gatherings are a members' event, but visitors are welcome to attend twice before joining. You can join CGSV at the Gathering or by clicking Become a Member.


Richmond Guitar Gatherings

7pm - 9pm, third Monday of each calendar month, starting 20/2/2017.
Venue: St Bartholomew's Anglican Parish, 290 Burnley Street, Richmond, 3121

Sponsor: Hans Music Spot.


Geelong Guitar Gatherings

6:30pm - 8:30pm, last Wednesday of each calendar month, starting 22/2/2017.
Venue: Vines Rd Community Centre, 37-61 Vines Rd, Hamlyn Heights.

Sponsor: Vines Road Community Centre.


2017 Themes:

February, "Morbidity"
March, "Asia"
April, "Central America"
May, "Composers with Q in their name"
June, "Mazurkas"
July, "Songs"
August, "f# tuning, and tuning in general"
September, "Harmonics"
October, "Australian"
November, "Music inspired by places"
December, "Celebrations"

2016 Themes:

February, "Opera"
March, "Central Europe"
April, "Chromatic"
May, "Composers with W in their name"
June, "Romantic"
July, "Arpeggios"
August, "Folk Songs"
September, "7/4 metre"
October, "Australian"
November, "Music inspired by animals"
December, "Celebrations"